Retail Excellence
with win-win Partnerships

C&D Labs operates on an open innovation platform to accelerate the realization of Future Group’s digital strategy. The core objective is building disruptive consumer experiences through futuristic consumer and retail innovations.

C&D Labs realizes the vision of Retail 3.0 with a participatory approach to innovation through the inflow of ideas and technologies from purposive start-ups, research institutions, incubators and accelerators. We believe in maximizing the value and accelerating the results by launching the power of global know-how through collaborative partnerships. We give the Future Group edge to start-ups and act as a catalyst for building solutions that change the retail landscape. It is all about exploring and encouraging a wide range of sources for enabling retail innovations.

Best minds come together to Innovate, Scale & Transform the Retail Ecosystem.


Our core features

Anchor Customer

Future Group is one of India’s retail pioneers with multiple retail formats, connecting a diverse community of Indian buyers, sellers and businesses

Customer Access

Future Group understands the soul of Indian consumers. Our approach is to understand India at its own terms

Group Assets  Data Sets & Stores

Because of the sheer number of customers we cater to through our multiple outlets we have data in its rawest form

Access to Customer Retail Expert

Future Group brings together winning brands and retail chains that speaks, connects and wins the heart of every Indian

Ecosystem Connect

Whether it is through bringing a smile to the face of every Indian consumer, generating employment for thousands of young Indians.creating new markets

Partner Startups

Kore facilitates intelligent dialogs between people and systems through its “bots,” that connect with third-party apps and business systems via APIs. We have partnered with Kore to develop our conversational commerce capabilities – both for customer and the enterprise.







Turing Analytics, a machine learning company, builds image analytics solutions. They provide visual search and product recommendation solutions to online and offline retailers.



Reverie’s Language-as-a-Service (LaaS) cloud platform uses machine learning to provide localization services such as local-language translation, transliteration, device input, and search through a set of APIs.They are currently working on a speech to text conversion and language transliteration pilot project at our stores.









Perpule is a self-checkout application for express checkouts and easy payments in retail outlets to enhance the shopping experience of the customers! We are partnering with Perpule to provide mobile pos solutions like assisted sales and self-service checkouts.






Oust is a mobile-first, gamified, Micro-Learning and Engagement platform for enterprises. They are developing a micro learning module for the launch of one of our new format stores.








TagBox enables its customers to make their cold chains reliable, with solutions at the intersection of IoT, Advanced Analytics and Automation. TagBox solutions has piloted at Nilgiris Dairy plant, providing smart Alerts with ability to pin-point source of parameter breach, centralized SCM Control Tower view with intelligent KPIs and analytical modules.

Their platform, Scribble Enrich, allows retailers to rapidly build data applications that scale with the depth, breadth and nuance of the problem statements.












WalkIn’s technology and analytics stack covers the pre-WalkIn, in-store and post-visit journeys for capturing identity, forging loyalty, facilitating personalized engagement, enabling ordering and payment, acquiring ratings /reviews and delivering reports to business stakeholders. WalkIn is now developing an advanced ratings and review system for Future Group

HackerEarth is a global hub where programmers can solve interesting problems, compete in coding challenges, improve their programming skills, and showcase their abilities. C&D Labs has partnered with HackerEarth to launch a Machine Learning Hackathon which has 4000+ participants competing for prizes and rewards upto 20Lakhs!






Ecosystem Partners

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